Filler churros machine,machine Packaging,machine packaging carton,CERA+

Product size:335*196*246mm

DC voltage:12v





*Pre-rolled Conefilling machine is easy to control.

* Can be fill in 100pcs cones at a time in 2 mins

* High working efficiency that can be keep working for a long time

* Mini design is convenient to carry out.

* More cones size will be available for our machine.

* We can change the cone loader to satisfied your cones.

* We promise if the machine doesn’t working when you received, Change new one for you.

* 1 year warranty period, Professional engineer answer your question.

* Fast shipping and perfect packaging.

Founded in 2004, Zhuhai Luckyman Technology Co.,Ltd is a high-tech manufacturer specialized in R&D, production and sales,filler churros machine,machine Packaging,machine packaging carton,and a leading enterprise in daily ceramic knives. The current main direction is the application of advanced ceramics.Luckyman have been continuously rated as “National High-Tech Enterprise”and “Zhuhai Private Enterprise (SME) Innovation Industrialization Demonstration Base” rated by Zhuhai Bureau of Science, Industry and trade. It was also recognized as a “Zhuhai Private Technology Enterprise” by the Bureau of Science, Industry, Trade and Information Technology of Zhuhai City, and was approved to establish a “Municipal Key Enterprise Technology Center”. With complete independent intellectual property rights of ceramic knives, red wine vessels, electronic cigarettes and other fields,Luckyman also obtained more than 30 kinds of invention and utility model patents such as “A ceramic knife” and “Non-metal knife”.

From 2004 to 2011,Luckyman mainly developed home appliance product such as Slicer,corkscrews,wine vacuum pump,filler churros machine,machine Packaging,machine packaging carton,and became the main supplier of supermarkets in Europe and America.

In 2006, It started to develope household ceramic knife,broke Japan’s Kyocera’s monopoly in the ceramic knife industry,filler churros machine,machine Packaging,machine packaging carton,and stepped into the area of advanced ceramics.In 2010, the research and development of automobile oxygen sensors began, striving to realize import substitution. And accumulate a large number of professional technologies for small high-quality ceramic heaters.

In 2018,Luckyman entered the “Heat and Not Burn”e-cigarette market, Using the technology of zirconium ceramic engineering, the accmulation of control technology for household appliance,and combine the production process of sheet ceramic for automobile oxygen sensors as well as ceramic heater technology, it produced a high quality “CO-Fired” heating element which is the first double-sided ceramic sandwich heating element in the world, with excellent performance and independent intellectual property rights, bringing a new revolution in the field of electronic cigarette heating.

In 2020, Luckyman continued to explore on high-strength, high-power miniaturized ceramic heaters and develop miniaturized household appliances;

We launched portable coffe machine this year,and it got highly comment by many users at home and abroad.

In 2022, Luckyman speeded up the R&D power, developed the new design of smart mug and ceramic cigar cutter.

Filler churros machine,machine Packaging,machine packaging carton,CERA+-LUCKYMAN | CONE FILLER,KING SIZE CONE

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